Production- and Repairservice

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Production- and Repairservice

Production- and Repairservice 1


Do you have a vision of a piece of jewellery, or you would like to see one of your own gemstones in one of our designs?

We support all of our customers in their vision, from the idea to the finished piece.

We care about your special requests with the same passion that we have for our own designs.


After developing a piece of jewelry, our customers get a photorealistic picture or a 3D-PDF from the design.

With CAD we can work with extreme precision and perfectly to scale.

And because of this exact data, our customers will get a very exact price for their design before we manufacture it.

Production- and Repairservice 19


To satisfy our high quality standards we only use natural and hand selected gemstones.

Our large stock offers our customers flexibility in the best price-performance ratio, whether this is for stone replacement in repairs, for bespoke pieces, or for our own designs.


Here: a typical 3D-PDF for our customers.

Production- and Repairservice 20


Perfect craftsmanship is the most important basis of our work.

Whether for stone replacement, a broken chain or a new ring size – we care.

In our workshop, your valuable jewellery is in the best hands – in the hands of our master goldsmiths.