Family Tradition

Richard Hans Becker GmbH & Co. KG

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Family Tradition

Family Tradition 1


Richard Hans Becker founded and gave his name to our company in 1973, establishing our workshops in Germany’s capital for gemstones – Idar-Oberstein.

Together with his wife Ilse he transferred the traditional values of quality and precision in a very classic way into the style of the Becker Collection.


Today the Company is run in the next generation, by his son Hans-Joachim Becker and his wife Birgit.

And now the third generation, their children Marie-Luise and Franz, have also found their passion in gems and so in the company’s future is assured.

„Our passion for gems is in my opinion the biggest advantage for our customers. Because this passion dictates everything we do.”
Hans-Joachim Becker

Family Tradition 2
Family Tradition 3


The philosophy of our company:
We continue where others stop.

Our quality guarantee to the costumer:
„Made in Germany – Idar-Oberstein”

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